Monday, June 8, 2020

Lego GBC Observer 👁 Week 22, 2020

Here we are in week 22 of 2020, I hope everyone is doing well!  This week we have some great new modules, from several "new to me" builders over on YouTube.

First up RJ Bricks shows us his Wheely Wonka module which was built using several parts from the S.H.I.E.L.D. Heli-Carrier.  It's a nice clean looking module that spans a good amount of distance.  The built in recirculation feature is also a nice touch. This looks like a nice module you could display all of your avengers mini-figs underneath.

Next up is a literal twist on the ring-in-ring modules that you may have seen before.  In this module the 3rd ring is horizontal in orientation which reminds me of the akiyuki ball factory.  The decorated ball indexer at the start is a fun touch as well.

And finally we have a small module that is interesting to me for a few reasons.  First it uses the linear actuators without the need of a programmable brick or software.  Secondly it has a mechanical switch flipper which can be difficult to make work reliably. 

Have a great week everyone!

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