Thursday, June 4, 2020

New game boards for my Boost Pachinko GBC module.

While setting up my new Lego room, I took a moment to dust off most of the GBC modules I still had assembled.  My Lego Boost Pachinko GBC module debuted at BrickCon 2018, and has been sitting in its crate ever since.  So I decided to make a few new game boards for it, the first one I revealed today is a Minecraft themed one.

The module itself had a few tweaks, I braced the conveyor gearing, and added some more support to the aiming mechanism, but other than that, it's mostly a cosmetic refresh.  The jackpot on this board is triggered when the ball passes into the Nether Portal.

I've also built a simple stand for my phone while it runs the Lego Boost application.

The second game board is a Star Wars themed one that will be revealed soon.  If you want to know how my Boost Pachinko module works, you can take a look at the original video where I reveal the insides.

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