Thursday, June 25, 2020

New Lego Powered Up GBC Module PUP-01

Today I'm sharing my first official "Lego Powered Up" GBC module, not to be confused with my previous Lego Boost Pachinko module that also falls under the "Powered Up" brand.  I'm calling it PUP-01, and I plan to do a series of modules showing what GBC's you can build using these smaller, cheaper PUP components.

This module uses the City Train/Batmobile HUB with 2 ports.  Connected to the ports are a Simple Medium Motor and a Color/Distance Sensor.  The motor drives the main conveyor both forward and reverse depending on the color sensor being triggered by a Green Brick or a Yellow Tile.  The drivetrain also connects to a copy of my WM01 small conveyor which feeds a tipper bucket.

The drivetrain runs through a special gearbox that only outputs rotation in one direction.  This way the motor can spin either way, and WM01 will only operated in the correct direction.  Thanks to RJ Bricks for the design of this gearbox.

Here is an image of the simple code blocks used to run the logic of this module.

Please enjoy the video.


  1. Hi Matt, This is a great build and it use the hub to its potential. I am going to build it for Bricktober 2020, Do you have any more photos that you could share?

    1. Hello Henry, instructions for the small conveyor lift (WM01) are located on the instructions page. If you would like to see additional images of the uni-directional gearbox, or ask questions about the module in person. I would recommend joining the community chat on Discord which is linked on the right hand side.