Monday, June 29, 2020

Lego GBC Observer 👁 Week 25, 2020

Welcome to a late but not absent GBC Observer post for Week 25, 2020.   It was great seeing everyones GBC Loops at the BW Virtual Event on the weekend.  It provided lots of new GBC ideas and inspiration to work with!  But now lets check out some videos.

First up is a new take on a ball passing module.  This one uses a stepper like drive train but instead of steps, it pushes gears up against a gear rack piece to generate an up-and-over motion for the small cup above.

Next up is "Double Tipper".  Aptly named for requiring two tips to pass balls through the module.  I really appreciate the simplicity of this mechanism.  If I was to improve this, it would be to somehow add a viewing port on the side so you could see the balls exiting the module from the hidden chamber.

Lastly lets look at this module from Dunes.  I'm not sure if I featured it before, and it is a recreation of another builders module.  I like the ball loading slabs of brick, and the right angle triangles of treads that control the motion of the arms.

Have a great week everyone!


  1. Thanks for the nice idea (viewing port). It will be a fun improvement. I will try to incorporate it.

  2. It's a great module, keep up the good work!