Thursday, July 2, 2020

Updated Module - RISE+RUN Version 2

Recently while going through my collection of modules, I took a hard look at my RISE+RUN module and had to make a decision.  Tear it down, or rebuild it to work reliably.  I decided on the latter since the original had zero run time at BrickCon 2019 due to it jamming as soon as it was put on the table.

The main issue was the piston steppers at the front of the module: Brick built, poorly.  They would catch on other bricks, and then gears would jump and become desynchronized.  My solution: Do a "full technic" rebuild of the module, removing 90% of the system brick leaving only the transition ramps and input bin tiling.

The results are a sturdier, more reliable module.  I replaced the "piston steps" with smaller tipping ramps.   I've also added a phase adjustment knob, that allows for tuning the ramps to pass balls without any hiccups.

Please enjoy a short video of the module in action below.

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