Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Challenge 2020 - Winners

Each year the Great Ball Pit challenges Lego GBC builders to build something different.  This year 18 builders were challenged to build a Batch module, and after voting here are the top 3 results!

Sam Friesen from Canada secured top spot by producing a *NEW* mechanism to batch balls.  It's a fresh take on a stuck ball mechanism and is quite novel as it waits to pinch the "14th" ball before releasing the 13 in front of it.  You can view Sam's winning entry below.

Sawyer out of New Zealand places top 3 for the second year in a row!  His Banana gear based lift only lifts when there is enough weight in the basket.  Where does he come up with these ideas?

And placing 3rd, Pinwheel from the USA created an awesome "Marble Race" module that was triggered by his own take on a stuck ball mechanism.  I love marble races so this one was one of my favourites!

Thanks to the other 15 builders who also participated, a lot of cool mechanisms were developed that are sure to be "borrowed" for peoples future creations!

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