Monday, November 16, 2020

New Lego GBC Module - S13

A few weeks ago I finished my entry to the 2020 Great Ball Pit Challenge, but did not have time to make a video for it.  The video has now been released and you can watch it below.

The module uses a serpentine lift which was originally built by Brian Alano.  I used Lawrie's revised instructions, and then made further changes. I increased the height, and used several 36T bevel gears to chain all the lifters together.

This was my first time building a serpentine mechanism, and my first time building a weighted tipper.  My original idea for a "13 batch" module was to use a PUP HUB and sensor to determine when to unload balls, but I wanted something even simpler.  By reusing my trapdoor switch (tutorial available), it allowed me to use the simplest way to batch balls, a weighted tipper.  Getting the balance right was fairly simple, but the mechanism is a bit harsh at times, and a ball or two may escape while a tipper is being reset.

We had 18 people build modules for this years challenge, and I'm expecting even more next year!  Join the GBC Community chat here!

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